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Three years after I lost my art website to a hacking problem, I have now rebuilt it using the latest WordPress software. There is a Blog page now too, and I have upgraded the site to an e-commerce capability that offers my art work posted for sale. This Blog also serves as a forum for posting more about the why and the purpose of my art making. As I add more of my painting and printmaking series, I will be adding background and supporting information here. Each series will be easily and separately reachable within a few clicks from the Homepage. The Homepage is a static page that has the first level of access to this “Art Blog” page, to my “About the Artist” page, to my “Contact the Artist” page, and to the “Art Portfolio” page that then accesses all of the painting and print pages.

Visitors can learn more about me on my “About the Artist” page, which has my Artist Bio and and a short Artist Resume covering the last six years of my 45 years of art making. I include a self-portrait below, made in 2019, that exemplifies my abstract expressionist style of painting on paper.

“Self Portrait Study”, ink, acrylic and paper collage on paper,
20″ x 16″, Thom Wright, 2019

My first painting series is actually my latest work, made in 2019 – 2020, titled “In Balance with Nature”. I include my Art Statement here for this series and an example of this work on paper below:



By Thom Wright   2020

This painting series continues with my work addressing Climate Change and how to philosophically aim at the heart of the most basic issue – mankind coming to terms with the need to find limits in its conquest of nature.  Only then can the entire planet seek a common goal of reducing green-house gas emissions sufficient to cap the total to a level that keeps the earth within an average of 2K increase that climatologists say is a maximum.  Thus, my artistic concerns are not about showing the horror of the consequences of a hotter earth, but a new focus on recognizing the necessity of survival of both man and nature.  In my art making I turn this direction into an allegory of making an abstract composition with the quality of balance in its elements – space, form, color, light and movement.  I strive to make abstract paintings that present this kind of balance, which is usually difficult to attain.  For Modern and Post-Modern painting, these concerns are of the utmost importance.  Similarly, civilization needs to accept this goal in its local and global economics to make it happen.

“In Balance with Nature #7″, 15″ x 22.5”, Acrylic and ink on rag watercolor paper, 2019, Thom Wright

My long background in watercolor painting done in my first twenty years shows up as my love of transparent color, soft edge shapes, combining shape and line, and bold and light uses of color. Looking at my composition also shows my formal approach to design that combines geometric and organic shapes, strong rhythms of shape, line and color, and influences from American and European Modernist and Contemporary painters. And hopefully, this work shows my long-learned lessons in painting in some very good art schools, especially Orange Coast College and Cal State University Long Beach.

With this simple beginning, I relaunch my art website and this Art Blog – Thom

Published by Thom Wright Art

Thom Wright has combined his passions for art, music and engineering, and all of his practices have benefited each other. In 1986, he had an epiphany, one of those moments when he realized that he had to be a better artist. His subject matter moved toward contemporary issues, including geopolitics, global environment, technology, cultural and natural processes of change, and jazz. His abstracts also migrated towards mixed media and printmaking. These interests and processes continue in his art work. Desiring to improve his skills, theory and knowledge in art, he took early retirement from the Boeing Corp. in 1999 and entered art school full time. In May, 2006, he completed the MFA program in Drawing and Painting at California State University, Long Beach.

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